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Unleash Your Players' Athleticism, Competitiveness, and Fight With 28 Basketball Exercises Guaranteed to Bring Fun Back to Your Program...Get Ready to Watch Your Players' Performance Soar!

A Fun System of Assessing.

Testing your players shouldn’t feel overwhelming, inconvenient, time-consuming, and useless. In fact, when you’re doing it correctly, it should feel fun and effortless.

The problem is you are making it more complex than it is. You don’t know what tests to use. It can feel so pointless, and many times players hate them.

Let’s change that overthinking and negativity. Hype up the assessment and have some FUN!

The Basketball Movement Assessment is your answer for building a competitive, player-loving, uncomplicated data collecting system proven by a guy with a 30+ year proven track record of being a basketball coach, skills coach, and performance coach.

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Basketball Movement Assessment

Let me introduce you to my Top 28 Favorite Exercises and Tests that I have ZERO DOUBT you and your players will love!

Here's Why...

Most coaches use random assessments and tests performed 1-2 times per year to measure their players' conditioning. BORING!

The BMA tests are my exercises, and my exercises are my BMA tests.

If I am going to repeatedly use an exercise because it's important, I will make sure the players become better at it. So, why not test often and let the players see their improvement.

What Do I Mean by Test Often?

I keep a running score of each player's improvements whenever testing specific exercises I want to collect data. This method keeps it competitive for personal growth and team competition.

Some tests I keep very individualized, while others I pit the players' scores against one another. An example of this is the X-Layup and Mikan Layup.

I want competition! Creating a competitive environment usually leads to the players spending extra time before or after practice working on these skills.

Bingo! Precisely what I want. You see, testing isn't about collecting information and doing little with it. Testing is about finding the exercises, drills, and skills that are very important to be good at and making them competitive.

This result is EXACTLY why we test.

The Basketball Movement Assessment Includes 28 Exercises and Tests Designed to Improve Players' Abilities in Three Areas:

  • Capacity Testing 
  • Predictive & Reactive Testing 
  • Ball Skill Capacity & Conditioning Testing
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Capacity Testing

Challenge your players to reach their optimal level of speed and quickness with very specific basketball movements and general athletic quickness.

predictive and reactive testing cover image

Predictive & Reactive Testing

Identify how your athletes perceive and react to move as quickly as possible in unknown situations.

Ball Skill capacity and conditioning testing cover image

Ball Skill Capacity & Conditioning Testing

A great way to make conditioning somewhat fun and competitive. The ball is in play and your players will do the work because they have a ball in their hands.

Who are the Primary Coaches These Tests are Perfect For?

  1. The highly experienced basketball coach who understands the value of testing useful and often practiced skills. 
  2. The inexperienced basketball coach who wants a basic idea of the skill level and general athletic ability of the team. 
  3. The sports performance coach who trains basketball players and wants to raise their level of testing options to increase their players performance.  

All 28 tests will matter to everyone. The great thing is you can pick what exercises and tests make sense to you and your program.

Wouldn't it be helpful to know how well your player's Hip Turn and open up to the left, laterally run for 5-yard and change directions quick as a cat?

If you want to press and trap, you better know if your players can do this skill well.  

How beneficial would it be to know if you have guards that repeatedly push and pull the ball with their non-dominate handover and over to be able to get out of pressure? You bet it would!  

Well, why not test, practice, and do it often in a competitive environment?

Why Do You Need The BMA?

The most obvious answer is, YOU DON'T!

There are coaches all over the world who already have a system of testing and practicing the skills they know their players need. They have a system in place and it works.  

But...if you are all over the place with your program, never consistent with what is important, and not really sure what to do the BMS is a no brainer!

Jump on it now and gain all the benefits from someone who has used and benefited from all these fantastic tests and exercises.

How Much is the BMA Program?

LIMITED TIME, get the BMA for ONLY $39!

DISCLOSURE! YOU ARE GOING TO LOOK AT SOME OF THESE TESTS AND SAY, "I love this drill"! or "I never thought to test that drill!"

 Seriously, I have used all the BMA tests and exercises with my teams for 30+ years. They are "In-the-trenches" proven! It is up to you to create a system of implementing them with your players.

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