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basketball speed athletic stance

The sport of basketball can create confusion in how to train for it, even in the most experienced coaches.

Learning the techniques is essential, but having a common language is vital to improving communication and learning.

It's all right in the palm of your hand when you are a Certified Basketball Speed Specialist.

Everything you need to get your players faster, quicker, and more agile on the court.

Most importantly! In basketball, specific situations demand specific techniques and language- which increases player understanding!

Not only will you have the DRILLS and the SKILLS to increase performance, but you'll also have a pinpoint system to communicate it to your players!

Is It Important For Me to Have Another Certification?
Isn't There Enough Basketball Courses Out There?

Watch This Now!

Isn't There Enough Basketball Courses And Certifications Out There?

The question really should be, "How does having a very specific basketball speed specialist certification open doors for me?"

It's crazy how competitive the market for basketball skills coaches, travel team coaches, high school, college, and professional basketball coaches and performance coaches is right now!

Why should they choose you?

Now, that's the question you should be asking yourself! Not, do I need another certification?

Basketball is a very progressive sport. Teams are now hiring sports scientists, performance coaches, cognitive performance coaches, nutrition coaches, and the need for basketball-specific footwork specialists is in high demand.  

Owning the Certified Basketball Speed Specialist Level 1 credential puts you in your very own category. You will have a specific skill set- which automatically places you in higher demand in a competitive industry.

The Gold-Standard of Basketball Specific Speed Is Here!

Why Becoming a "Certified Basketball Speed Specialist" Level 1 is a No-Brainer?

  • Your phone will ring off the hook with requests for you to work with more athletes. 
  • Coaches will want you to work with their teams and even join the coaching staff! 
  • College and professional teams will seek you out as they are looking for every edge possible. 
  • AAU directors will bring you into work with their program. 
  • Basketball podcasters will be trying to get you to schedule to teach their audience.
  • Basketball skills coaches will seek your knowledge so they can improve their players' skills. 

You will be in high demand.

I know because I have personally worked with NBA teams, power-5 programs, high school, and travel clubs. I have been asked to share my skills in Europe, Asia, Canada, and all across America.

It's real, and it can happen fast!

lee taft basketball speed specialist

Meet the Founder: 

Lee Taft

Lee's love of the game of basketball started early, playing basketball with his friends at the Whitehall playground courts until the lights went off. This love led Lee into playing high school and college basketball. Immediately upon graduating college, Lee became a high school boys basketball coach, eventually becoming a girls varsity head coach to coach his daughters.

From that first time playing basketball as a young kid till now, Lee has had the privilege of working with seven NBA organizations, five multiple power NCAA and other college programs, international basketball federations, and high school programs around the country.  

Many head strength and conditioning coaches have sought Lee's consulting to create a system for their players' on-court basketball speed. Head basketball coaches have worked directly with Lee on implementing practice systems to improve their efficiency of teaching and implementing his speed techniques, basketball offensive and defensive systems, and practice planning methods.  

One of Lee's greatest strengths is his ability to teach simple concepts and methods into easily understood skills. Having the correct information isn't what matters. Knowing how to teach and implement the correct information is what does. Lee is very talented at knowing how to use words to simplify the process of building communication between coaches and players.  

The Certified Basketball Speed Specialist Level 1 course is Lee's most detailed basketball course. He saw a need for greater communication of how footwork skills should be introduced and taught. Too often, coaches confuse their players, leading to frustration. Lee has taken the frustration out of the equation and introduces some of the most critical basketball-specific footwork skills to improve performance.  

After being a coach for over three decades, Lee is honored to bring to you his methods and concepts that will change the game of basketball speed.

The Game Has Changed. Athletes Have Changed by Becoming BIGGER, FASTER, QUICKER - AND How Players Must Move Has Changed…

But, how we instruct movement on offense and defense is still behind. 

Here are some examples ...

  • Coaches still tell players to get super low on defense. Man, this is a speed killer if there ever was one.
  • Coaches are still harping on not taking a False-Step, which is more accurately called a Plyo-Step. It's as if coaches want their players to be slower!
  • Performance coaches are forcing their players not to allow the front foot to open up during a defensive shuffle. That's like the unbelievable myth of keeping the front foot straight still exists!
  • Don't let your feet get close under the hips during the defensive shuffle. Way to go, coach! You just got your player beat again on defense!
  • Basketball coaches are continuing to teach a pivot drop step with changing direction on an open-up shuffle. Come on! This one has got to go!
  • The closeout is being done with 2-hands high, hips shoved under the body, and tons of choppy feet. This one has to be modified, or defenders are going to get destroyed! 

When you become a Certified Basketball Speed Specialist, you will gain valuable knowledge of tons of skills and drills, but more importantly, you will know how to communicate them.

Take a Look at Some Examples:

Players are constantly asked to perform very specific tasks during defensive possessions. 

  • A hard hedge on a pick and roll.
  • Early wing denial when one pass away.
  • Fight over the screen to force the ball handler away from the hoop. 
  • Slow down a downhill drive at the basket from a post player when a guard attacks. 
  • Recover after getting beat.
  • A closeout after helping on a drive.
athlete with defensive basketball speed

These are just a handful of examples players must be good at to defend well. Teaching these skills is one thing. Communicating how to execute these in another.

Let me give you an example of what I mean by communicating these…

During practice, I would talk about how we are going to defend an offensive action. I would describe our defensive positioning and what our overall goal was. THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT IS I USING THE SPECIFIC FOOTWORK THAT'S MOST EFFECTIVE TO GET THE JOB DONE!!

This is so crucial I can't over-state it! Players quickly react to what they understand and have context about. When I say, "This action is going to require a POWER-LATERAL RUN, the player instantly knows how and why!

If you and your players are on the same page, it's like a married couple that finishes each other sentence- you just know what to do! 


Take a Look at How the CBSS Techniques Have Impacted Coaches and Athletes...

ty terrell

"Lee’s teachings have successfully influenced how I train basketball players more than any other source I’ve explored. His mastery of multi-directional speed marries with the 360 degrees game of basketball perfectly. I continuously reference his basketball speed materials when working with my athletes. I’m a better coach because of what I’ve learned from Lee. I’d recommend his basketball speed certification to any coach, young or experienced.

Ty Terrell
Performance Coach - Washington Wizards
tenna murray

"Lee delivered a great hands-on training session for our coaches that helped us refine our movement curriculum. Walking through Lee’s teaching progressions for developing and improving multi-directional speed was very valuable for us. We look forward to continuing the relationship we have established with him.”

Teena Murray
Former Collegiate & NBA Basketball Performance Coach

todd wright

“Lee Taft’s methods and program design for developing multidirectional speed in athletes have been an incredible resource to developing our players. His delivery in coaching these methods is what puts this as a must resource for any program that wants their players to be better multi-directionally.”

Todd Wright
VP of Player Performance - Los Angeles Clippers

shawn windle

"When it comes to speed, agility, and quickness training, there is no better coach than Lee Taft. His unique drills and programming make him one of the top Basketball S.A.Q. Coaches in the country. If your sport requires you to move fast in all directions, then Coach Taft is the one you want to coach you.”

Shawn Windle
Director of Sports Performance - Indiana Pacers

matthew johnson

"I have known Lee for over a decade as an athlete and colleague.  His philosophy and coaching methodology regarding basketball speed and agility training is phenomenal!” 

Matthew Johnson
NBA G-League/ Head Capital City Go-Go Performance Coach
Former D1 Basketball Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coach

chase campbell

“Coach Taft is truly one of the leading experts in the fields of basketball multi-directional speed, strength, and human movement as it relates to athletic performance. His ability to simplify and teach even the most complex of concepts is second to none. From the novice athlete to the most seasoned sports coach, and everyone in between, there isn’t anyone who couldn’t learn something from Coach Taft.” 

Chase Campbell
PLAE Director of Business Development - College & Pro Sports @plaeglobal Former Collegiate & NBA Strength Coach

“If you want to improve your game, Lee is one of the best coaches out there because of his knowledge of the game, human movement, and passion. When you have those three elements you can see and fix bad mechanics (shooting, shuffling, dribbling, sprinting, or any other basketball skill) very easily and teach it in a progressive way.”

Helgi Gudfinnsson
Former Head Coach Grindvik Basketball Team
Former Assistant National Team Coach - Iceland

jimmer fredette

“Lee is the best basketball speed and quickness trainer I have ever seen in my life. He understands the body and most importantly understands how athletes move in their specific sport. With that knowledge, he puts together workouts specific to your sport and how your body needs to be effective in that sport. He has helped me gain speed, power, and quickness every year since I was 12. He stresses good techniques and injury prevention as well by making sure your body is moving functionally. I would not be in this position without his help! He will turn you from a good athlete into a great one!”

Jimmer Fredette
Pro Basketball Player

"I absolutely loved working with Lee. It was a workout session I looked forward to attending every week. When I first started seeing him, the workouts were fun, and I knew I would get a good workout while having fun. The drills and exercises were different from what I’ve done in the past but he was very patient when I didn’t understand or get it the first time.

Jordan Reid
College Basketball Player


Frequently Asked Questions

Once you pay for the CTSS certification you have lifetime access to the videos and manual.

Absolutely! To attain the credential of a Certified Basketball Speed Specialist (CBSS), you will need to pass a short test following each day's lessons. It is a 5-day course, and a 70% passing grade is required!

You may take as many times as you need.

No, there is no refund due to failure of the test. Simply retake the test as many times as you need.

It has both videos and PDFs outlining the videos.

Yes! 100% online and delivered to you in seconds upon registering a payment.

Our pre-game (early-bird) special  for our First-to-Know List is only $197! However this offer will only be available for 7 days. The sale price is the low fee of $267. The original fee is a "steal" at ONLY $349! 

CEU's are not required to remain certified, but it is highly advised to join the community to help coaches continue the learning.

No. You are required to work your way through the course material and pass each short daily test.

You have up to one year. After a year, you will have to re-apply to take the course.

You may take it as many times as you need. You cannot move forward until the tests between lessons are passed.

What's So Special About Being A CBSS ?

  • You will learn how to teach players the precise footwork to blow up an offensive action.
  • Your players will completely understand the skill to perform immediately upon hearing the name- this is huge!
  • Your value as a specific basketball performance coach will go through the roof!
  • As a head or assistant basketball coach, you will have a skill-set that separates you from the pack!
  • Being a CBSS will bring you more business on the off-season than you can handle.
  • You will be able to quickly assess the movement problems and have solutions on the spot.
  • Your defense and the offensive system will be dialed in and cause opponents nightmares!
  • Players will feel empowered as their learning curve on skills will rise quickly!
  • Your ability to run coaches and players' clinics on basketball-specific speed to a packed house will be a great business opportunity.
  • Your program will take a considerable step up due to your specifically designed speed program.
  • Frustration will go down while performance will go- simplifying communication is always a winner!


basketball speed skill terms

Bonus #1 - Skill Terms Cheat-Sheet 

($29 Value)

You will never underestimate the power of words after this CBSS course. Simple one or two-word names for your footwork patterns opens the door to fantastic communication between you and your players. When you name the skill, demonstrate its purpose, and practice the skill, always using the descriptive word, your players will be so locked in they will never forget it.

  • It’s essential to simplify your process and how you communicate.
  • Players need quick, simple words that tell them what you want them to do.
  • Simple means effective. The more complex, the easier it is for confusion to exist.
  • Very easy to call out the defensive footwork based on the coverage called.
  • Players can easily communicate with each other right on the spot. 
  • Makes it very simple to combine footwork calls for different situations.
basketball speed cutting drills

Bonus #2 - Cutting Series

($49 Value)

The opportunities for offensive players to cut to the basket or to open space is enormous. It all depends on reading the defender and making the appropriate cut to make the best play. When players are given simple terms to describe the type of cut for any particular situation, the confusion goes away, and execution goes up. If a coach gives a simple term to describe the type of cut, then demonstrates the skill, and gives the situation to use the cut in, it provides the players' context.

Why is the Cutting Series important to you and your players?

  • When players understand how to read the defense, they are at an advantage.
  • Once they can read the defense and know the exact options available, cutting makes them unstoppable.
  • A coach can quickly call out the read during a dead-ball situation, time-out, or when dribbling up the court. This is a powerful tool to have in your cutting arsenal.
  • Understanding how to use these cuts makes offenses very difficult to scout because it simply making a read, knowing what cut to make, and executing at a high level.
  • When a player is decisive on which type of cut to use, the exact footwork, it's challenging to guard, and players get open so much easier.
palloff press for basketball speed

Bonus #3 - Palloff Series

($29 Value)

There is always hoopla about core training to improve movement, yet you see coaches with players on their backs doing endless reps of crunches, leg raises, and sit-ups! If you want to improve movement on the court, build a fortress around the spine and use the body as it's designed, the Palloff Series is what you need.

The biggest disruptions of players' quick change of direction and explosive quickness are the inability to transfer energy from the ground up through the body instantly. Players plant their foot quickly, yet the rest of the body keeps moving, causing a delay in their change of direction or cut.

The Pallof series teaches players how to control rotation and side bending once the foot strikes the ground.

  • Players on offense will leave defenders behind with lightning-fast cuts.
  • Players will integrate the core to the rest of the body reactively- this is the critical concept often missed. 
  • Players will be able to fake one way and quickly go another due to immediate stiffness of the joints from head to toe. 
  • The ability to control mass and momentum when moving quickly one way and then needing to change directions. 
  • One of the best ways to develop a functionally sound and safe spine is because the core and hips will be more integrated.

What Are YOU Waiting For?

Join The Basketball Speed Movement NOW!

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  • Basketball Attacking Space Using the Lateral Run System of Speed & Quickness Development
  • Deceleration Training for Better Basketball Control
  • Basketball Quickness & Change of Direction Preparation System & Quickness Development
  • Attack Space with Acceleration Training
  • Sprint Training for Basketball
  • 180 Series Techniques for Transition Defense
  • Basketball Escaping Using Hip Turn Techniques
  • Basketball Preparation Training
  • Jump Smart Basketball Training Methods
  • Programming For Basketball Speed



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Aaron Patterson

Must-have for all basketball and sports performance coaches

Never surprised but always impressed with the knowledge and information Lee shares. Lee is hands-down the best in the industry at what he does, and is a true teacher. The concepts taught in the Certified Basketball Speed Specialist course are practical and relevant to anyone coaching their athletes to improve their game, and are presented in a way that is easy to understand and allows the coach to implement them quickly into their next basketball practice or sports performance training session. If you want to get your basketball athletes to move better and play faster, you need to check out Lee Taft and the CBSS.

2 months ago
Traci Friel

Great Course

Lee Taft did it again! He is so knowledgeable about basketball and all the details to help your athletes become better athletes. His attention to detail is beyond measure. I am excited to begin working with my HS girls in the offseason and implement what Coach Taft has taught during this course. It will be fun to see where we start and how we end next year! Thanks Coach Taft!

5 months ago
Michael Ashton

Strongly recommend

The breakdown of movement patterns is excellent. It gave me a clearer picture of what to look for during movement skill analysis.

9 months ago
Mark Goetsch


Great progressions through the different areas with plenty of challenges in each level. Began using them with our players and seeing some good early results.

1 year ago
Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith

This is an excellent program for coaches! I can't wait to share this with my team this summer. Coach Taft's attention to detail is unparalleled. This program is ELITE.

1 year ago
Trevor Rappa

Another Amazing Course!

I have always loved the way Lee breaks down the specific skills and movement patterns used in sports. If you want to learn how basketball players move on the court and why they utilize certain movements in specific situations then the CBSS is the course you need.

1 year ago
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