Why 3-on-3 Might Be The Secret Success Formula For MS Players

MS Secret Success Formula

Three-on-Three basketball is becoming more and more popular.

But why is playing with two fewer players important for developing younger players?

Reasons Why to Use 3-On-3

Here’s a list of why it is an excellent strategy to use 3-on-3 as a foundational activity in the Basketball Game Model.

  1. More Touches. Regarding overall development, young players must consistently need opportunities to have the ball in their hands. They need to touch and ball and be involved in making decisions to learn to make better decisions more frequently.

  2. Great Space. Young players are often swallowed up in 5-on-5 games when they lack the skills and vision to play the game with so many players around them. Three-on-three allows them to have more space to operate in.

  3. Get More Paint Touches. The game of basketball is about creating advantages for your offense. Getting the ball into the three-second lane (The Paint) is the best way to draw two or more defenders into help defense. This opens up teammates for shots, easy drives, and better passing angles.

  4. Learn How To Help. Defense is one of the most challenging parts of basketball for young kids to understand. Playing 3-on-3 allows them to focus on just a couple of additional players besides their own. Five-on-five forces young players to become overwhelmed by their defensive responsibilities.

  5. Huge Gaps. Playing basketball is about taking advantage of gaps. If the ball handler is at the top of the key and the other two players are in each corner, there are considerable gaps to drive through. This increases each player's ability to use 1-on-1 skills- which, at the end of the day, that’s what the game comes down to.

  6. Catch and Shoot. Because 3-on-3 allows for so many gaps to drive through, it forces help defense constantly. When a defender helps, his or her opponent is wide open for a catch-and-shoot jumper. Learning to have hands, feet, and eyes ready to shoot is a big-time skill.

  7. Easier To Learn to Help The Helper. 3-on-3 forces a ton of help from defenders. There needs to be someone helping the person who helped on the drive. This concept of helping the helper, then scrambling to recover, is an important skill, and 3-on-3 brings it out nicely.

  8. One-on-One Skills. Even if you are a pass-first player, you must beat your man 1-on-1 to create passing advantages to ensure your passing is as successful. Learn to handle the ball, your feet, and your fakes to dominate a 1-on-1 defender.

Well, there you have it. A list of eight reasons 3-on-3 is crucial to the development of younger players, especially middle school players who are starting to grow into the game of basketball. 

There are more advantages to playing 3-on-3, but there will get your players a considerable head start. Let the Basketball Game Model be your guide.

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