Allies for Running Basketball Camps and Clinics

Create Allies

I have personally run over 350 camps and clinics of varying sizes and lengths. It is a business and a great one at that, but if you treat it any other way, your results will suffer, and frustration will ensue.

This post isn’t about how to run a camp or clinic- that’s for another time. Today, I want you to be crystal clear on how important it is to create allies with groups of people who can help you grow your camp and clinic business.

Who to Partner With

Here is a list of some organizations and people I have partnered with to grow my business. *Warning. If you are unwilling to make these connections, your growth will be more difficult.

  • Athletic Booster Clubs
  • Parent-Teacher Organizations
  • Local Apparel Companies (Tee-shirt companies that supply the athletic teams)
  • Athletic Directors and Coaching Staffs
  • Church Youth Group Directors
  • Travel Team Directors and Coaches
  • YMCA, Recreation Center, and Boys and Girls Clubs Directors, Etc.

Building your business is about serving others and creating relations. If you are willing to connect and advocate for others, you are more likely to gain their support.

Your camps and clinics are opportunities to help encourage the development of young athletes, which is essential for our communities. The examples of the above organizations need to know you are using camps and clinics as a vehicle to reach more athletes, improve healthy athleticism, and bring a positive spin on proper training. Authentic giving always wins over the motive of taking!

Do not look at these organizations as a one-time partnership where you take from their list of athletes- NO-NO! You have to build a relationship of support and giving back. If you do this, a partnership that supports one another can grow.

My Experience

I was able to run so many camps and clinics because I tried to connect personally with all involved. Of course, it’s okay to make a big profit hosting camps and clinics, and you should never feel guilty. The great thing about camps and clinics is you don’t make your income from one person. It’s a collective unit of athletes, coaches, parents, and directors supporting and trusting in your ability to help them become better.

Running camps and clinics is like being on stage and performing to an audience. You have to bring energy and knowledge. The CBSS Level 1 is about giving you the confidence to be at your best when performing in front of your audience. Be the best!

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