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In this exciting free video series, Coach Lee Taft shows you simple warm-up shifts most coaches don’t know that transform warm-up time into powerful skills training for your players.

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"I’m a better coach because of what I’ve learned from Lee."

"Lee’s teachings have successfully influenced how I train basketball players more than any other source I’ve explored. His mastery of multi-directional speed marries with the 360 degrees game of basketball perfectly. I continuously reference his basketball speed materials when working with my athletes. I’m a better coach because of what I’ve learned from Lee. I’d recommend his basketball speed certification to any coach, young or experienced."

Ty Terrell
Performance Coach - Washington Wizards

"Lee delivered a great hands-on training"... 

"Lee delivered a great hands-on training session for our coaches that helped us refine our movement curriculum. Walking through Lee’s teaching progressions for developing and improving multi-directional speed was very valuable for us. We look forward to continuing the relationship we have established with him.”

Teena Murray
Former Collegiate & NBA Basketball Performance Coach

Meet the "Speed Guy":

Lee Taft

Lee has been passionate about basketball from a young age, playing on the courts of Whitehall playground with his friends until the lights went out. This passion inspired him to pursue the sport in high school and college. After graduating, Lee took up coaching high school boys basketball and eventually took the role of a girls varsity head coach so he could coach his daughters and now his son

From that first time playing basketball as a young kid till now, Lee has had the privilege of working with seven NBA organizations, five multiple power NCAA and other college programs, international basketball federations, and high school programs around the country.

Many head strength and conditioning coaches have sought Lee's consulting to create a system for their players' on-court basketball speed. Head basketball coaches have worked directly with Lee on implementing practice systems to improve their efficiency of teaching and implementing his speed techniques, basketball offensive and defensive systems, and practice planning methods.

One of Lee's greatest strengths is his ability to teach simple concepts and methods into easily understood skills. Having the correct information isn't what matters. Knowing how to teach and implement the correct information is what does. Lee is very talented at knowing how to use words to simplify the process of building communication between coaches and players.

The Certified Basketball Speed Specialist Level 1 course is Lee's most detailed basketball course. He saw a need for greater communication of how footwork skills should be introduced and taught. Too often, coaches confuse their players, leading to frustration. Lee has taken the frustration out of the equation and introduces some of the most critical basketball-specific footwork skills to improve performance.

After being a coach for over three decades, Lee is honored to bring to you his methods and concepts that will change the game of basketball speed.