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Free 4-Part Warm-Up Secrets Video Series From “The Speed Guy” Lee Taft Reveals  

How To Make Your Warm-Up Do Double Duty To Build Your Players’ Skills Faster! 

In this exciting free video series, Coach Lee Taft shows you simple warm-up shifts most coaches don’t know that transform warm-up time into powerful skills training for your players.

  • Stop wasting time on long, complicated warm-up routines (Get warm-ups done faster, while also improving your players’ skills) 
  •  Get video demonstrations of skill-building warm-ups you can do with your players today (These drills are easy to teach, fun to do, and don’t require anything more than a basketball!)  
  • Give your players more quality reps with a basketball in their hands (They’ll almost immediately display better spatial awareness, dribbling, and ball control)  
  • Build game-specific skills faster…with no added practice time (Coaches today have never been busier! Here’s an easy way to help your players without reinventing the wheel)  
  • And much, much more!

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